Payday: The most addictive ‘what would you do?’ thriller you’ll read this year

(5/5) - 415 ratings
  • ISBN: 0751583170
  • Author: Celia Walden
  • Publisher: Celia Walden
  • Genre: Politics, Philosophy & Social Sciences
  • Date: Unknown
  • Pages: Unknown
  • Language: English

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‘Full of twists and turns . . . impossible to put down’ HELEN FIELDING ‘Fearless, stylish, suspenseful and immensely entertaining’ LOUISE CANDLISH ‘I inhaled it’ JESSICA FELLOWES ‘Sensational’ TONY PARSONS ‘An intelligent, thought-provoking story with some great twists’ ALLIE REYNOLDS ______________________ Late at the office party, you’re chatting to …