Pdf drive is a free website that serves as a search engine for PDFs. Users of Pdf drive are able to use the website to instantly search through thousands of PDFS to find the ones that they wish to download to their devices for further reading. Pdf drive also allows readers to preview each PDF file before downloading to ensure it’s the one they want.

Currently, users have the ability to sort through over 75 thousand titles, which include manuals, books, and tutorials. The content found on Pdf drive includes personal growth, lifestyle, fiction & literature, children &youth, art, environment, business & career, and several more.

Pdf drive uses crawlers to continually comb through the internet for new PDF files to upload into their ever-growing database. Any files that are no longer available on the internet are withdrawn from the Pdf drive database, so its vast library is always up to date.

On the home screen of PDFdrive, you will see the current number of books they have in their database for you to download. Users will enjoy the ability to download as much content as they want, as the website doesn’t set any download limits. Upon discovering content you enjoy, take a few minutes to bookmark it and let others know how much you enjoyed it.

Searching through the thousands of titles offered on PDFdrive is pretty simple. If you know what you are looking for, use the search bar at the top of the page to enter the title or related keywords. If you want to browse, scroll down through the home page, where you will find the content split into several different sections.

No matter if you are looking at the content found in the “Best Books of the Week” section or somewhere else, all titles come with a cover photo as part of their preview. The previews also inform readers as to how many pages the PDF contains, how large the file is, the year it was published, and how many others have downloaded it.

Creating an account is not required for users of Pdf drive, but there are some benefits to having one. Pdf drive offers two kinds of accounts a free and a premium one. The free version allows users to bookmark their favorite content and offers up to 100 MB of free cloud storage. For those that don’t want an account, there is the option of registering your email address so you can receive emails about the top trending books each week.