At Project Gutenberg, readers will have access to over 60,000 eBooks at absolutely no cost. Although Gutenberg doesn’t charge anything to use their website, they ask readers to consider making a small donation. The donations given to Project Gutenberg allow them to digitize even more books for readers to enjoy and continue to maintain their online presence and improve what they have to offer.

To enjoy the thousands of free eBooks from Project Gutenberg, users won’t have to download any kind of special app or software. Project Gutenberg users can use regular eBook readers or their web browsers to enjoy the downloaded content. On Project Gutenberg, readers have the ability to choose from various free ePub content and Kindle eBooks, which users can read online or downloaded for later. Some content found on Project Gutenberg is available in audio form as well.

Content on Project Gutenberg focuses on some of the world’s greatest literature with a large focus on older publications whose copyright has expired within the United States. Volunteers are in charge of digitizing and proofreading all eBooks available on the site. Examples of some of the newest content available on Gutenberg project includes “Amica America,” “Eight Dramas of Calderon,” “Legend,” and many more.

The free content found on Project Gutenberg is split among several different categories, which is a fast and easy way to search through their vast collection of titles. These categories are referred to as “Bookshelves” and include animals, law, wars, technology, education, classics, crime, fiction, geography, general works, and many more. Readers can also download content from the Banned Book List of the American Library Association.

Accessing all of the free content on Gutenberg can be done in several different ways. The fastest way to access a list of available eBooks for your reading pleasure is to go straight into the website’s “Bookshelves.” You also have the ability to search and browse through the content available using a variety of filters to help narrow down your choices. One of our favorites is the ability to look at the top 100 downloaded eBooks or view the content based on its popularity ranking. This gives you a general idea of what other users think about the content.

There is no way to create an account on Project Gutenberg, as all content can be downloaded without one. Project Gutenberg doesn’t just provide readers with eBooks to read; it also gives people the opportunity to produce eBooks themselves as a solo producer or collaborating with others.